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The Power of the Printed Page
The invention of the Printing Press played a key role in mobilising the Reformation. Reformer Dr. Martin Luther recognised the power of printing to mobilise grassroots support for Reformation. Dr. Luther wrote prolifically - more than 400 titles, 60,000 pages of published work, including commentaries, sermons and pamphlets that attacked Roman superstitions and abuses, and which promoted Biblical doctrines.
A Drop of Ink Can Make a Million Think
Just in the 3 critical years after Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses in Wittenberg, from 1517 to 1520, Martin Luther published 30 pamphlets and flooded Germany with 400,000 copies. By 1523, half of all the printed works in Germany were Luther's works. At the Reformation Museum in Geneva I saw a sign on a printing press: The Printing Press - The Reformers friend, the tyrants’ foe!
Download PDF of 95 Theses HERE

​Digital Revolution
Today a digital revolution is taking place that Missionaries can use to reach the unreached and serve the persecuted church, even in the most remote and restricted access areas of the world. Today there are over 2 billion smartphones worldwide capable of internet access.
Let the Earth Hear His Voice
Gospel Recordings Network (GRN) has, since 1939, produced Gospel recordings in over 6,000 languages. Many of these are of the least reached language groups of the world. Now they are able to make these Gospel recordings available through Micro SD cards, which are memory card expansions for small electronic devices, such as cell phones. SD cards are also used in smaller cameras, digital recorders and other electronic devices. 800 million people in China have access to the internet through which they can download Gospel messages from Bedouin Arabs in the Sahara are also able to access Gospel presentations through their smartphones.


Power Packed
Missionaries are now able to carry hundreds of micro SD cards, each capable of containing the 2-hour long Jesus film, and the whole Bible, both in the local language, along with a whole host of Bible study and discipleship materials, presentations and video clips.

Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God
From the very first Frontline Fellowship Mission across the border, into Mozambique in 1982, we were carrying Bibles, New Testaments, World Missionary Press Gospel booklets and Gospel Recordings hand-wound 78RPM records, in the local languages. Over the years the technology has developed from Card Talks to hand-wound record players, to the hand-cranked and solar powered Gospel Messenger cassette tape recorders, to MP3 players, MegaVoice audio Bibles and other solar panel powered audio and video God's Story Messengers and Proclaimers to reach and teach those who cannot read and write.
Compact Digital Libraries
Now our Missionaries and couriers are carrying entire digital libraries with Evangelism and Discipleship resources on CD, MP3, and DVD discs and on SD cards to provide libraries for pastors and resources to empower Evangelists in some of the most remote and restricted parts of the 10-40 Window.
Serving the Persecuted
For those serving in restricted access areas, there is stealth technology available, which can hide Bibles and films on people's smartphones, androids, tablets and computers, buried beneath layers of security codes. Digital libraries and Bibles can be transferred to the smartphones of contacts, pastors, teachers, chaplains, medics and Evangelists in the field from our own phones, via flash drives, or SD cards. It is extraordinary how much can fit on even a 4GB SD card!
Bible App
You can also make known to your contacts worldwide that anyone with an android, tablet and smartphone can use the Bible App to access and download the Bible in many languages.
Online Bibles
Those who only have access to the internet can access Bibles and Bible study materials in various languages through: and Parallel versions of the Bible can be found at
Digital Libraries for the Mission Field
Missionary Aviation Fellowship makes available numerous digital library resources through Estante.

Jesus Film App
Those with smartphones can download the Jesus film in 1,435 different languages through the Jesus Film App. The Story of Jesus for Children is available in 160 languages.
Jesus Film Media
Missions can contact Jesus Film Media to provide custom master DVDs in any 8 languages you need, which can be loaded on DVDs or 4GB SD Cards to be viewed on people’s cell phones in restricted access areas.


An Hour of Prayer by Phillip Kayser
If you have struggled with the idea of praying for extended periods of time, it may simply be that you have never had extended prayer modeled to you.
​Just as John the Baptist and Jesus modeled to others on how to pray (Luke 11:1), hopefully this booklet will spark some ideas for your own prayer life.
It is designed to expose you to twelve quite distinct kinds of prayer, and to show how easy it is to spend an hour in prayer.

Get An Hour of Prayer here​

Go Bible
Those with normal phones can use for digital Bible resources.

Nigerian Initiative for Digital Bibles
Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation with some 170 million people. There are over 126 million mobile phone subscriptions according to the Nigerian communications commission. A Nigerian Evangelist is now offering the Bible in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa, for free download at

​Throughout the world we are seeing people using their phones to record sermons for broadcast on Gospel radio, or through social media online. Numerous initiatives are utilising social media for Evangelism and discipleship.

Empowering Evangelists

  • Frontline Fellowship is maintaining 15 websites and 20 Facebook pages.

  • Over 217 of my PowerPoint presentations have been placed on Slideshare with well over 300,000 views recorded.

  • ​Our IT Department has also placed over 505 of my sermons and lectures on Many of these have been downloaded hundreds of times and some have recorded thousands of downloads. 

  • ​We have 306 videos uploaded on YouTube, 286 videos on Vimeo and 437 tracks on SoundCloud.

  • Frontline Fellowship now has 28 of our books on SmashWords, available as E-Books.

  • On our website we have 5 Free PDF Books available:

1. How the Soviets and Cubans lost the War in Southern Africa
2. Chaplains Handbook
3. Chaplains Prayerbook
4. Security and Survival
5. Christian Terror in Southern Africa

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